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I’m heading for retirement and about to replace my car though can’t afford brand new. I really want a car that “goes forever” (or will at least see me out) and have been looking at the Toyota Corolla Hatchback GX or GLX around 2016/2017 with about 50,000 km on the clock. I’ve been reading about CVT transmissions and am nervous – not that I have a clue about engine transmissions. I don’t want a small Suzuki. Can you please recommend what I should be considering e.g. Mazda, Hyundai ? Willing to spend up to about $18,000 or am I dreaming? Thanks so much for any advice you are able to offer.


The Toyota Corolla is a good choice we have not had any complaints about these later generation Toyota CVT transmissions.
If you are still spooked by the idea of a CVT how about considering a 2017 Mazda 3 GSX/ GLX these are a solid choice with a conventional Automatic transmission, and a powerful 2l engine.