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Kia ora team AA.
After your opinion on the Outlander vs Sante Fe - looking at ~2014 models. Is there one you'd recommend over the other, all other things being equal/accounted for. Looking to spend under $18k if possible - aware that'll get one with a few miles on it.

Any variants to avoid or seek? I do like the mod-cons of the top spec Outlander VRX model so I'd look to try and find one of those.
Is there anything else you'd recommend? Early 30s male, no kids - looking for something to move the golf clubs and use as a daily commuter.


Hi there,
The Outlander is a very popular vehicle and we've not received any complaints about them to date.
Another potential you may want to look into, the Subaru Forester which may not be as large as the Outlander.
I think the Santa-Fe models are also very popular, but there have been some issues around tyre replacement that might contribute to possible driveline failures if all tyres are not replaced at the same time- which you might want to investigate before buying one.