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I am thinking about trading in my 2007 Toyota Blade 2.5cc due to being a rather big car for me on my own. (99,000km).
The above Golf is due to arrive at the Car Dealers in mid november and the Pre Arrival Price is 7950.
I have been told that parts etc can be hard to access, I always have had my cars serviced every six months as I am not mechanically inclined!.
My question is: What possible issues should I be thinking about if I decide to purchase this car. I would book it in for a full AA Appraisal Check.
Many thanks.

Dave Shaw


Hi Dave,
Parts for a Golf are generally not hard to locate. It is often found with European cars is that they can require more repairs and maintenance as they age when compared to Japanese manufactured cars which can raise the cost of owning and running one. I recommend obtaining a Pre Purchase inspection.