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Hi AA,
Long time 2001 Corolla station wagon owner and its time to upgrade....could use a little more space (specifically carrying length, apeture size)
Considering two 2005 Voxy's or 2008/2005 Ipsum......hard to find much guff on these models.....are there any overarching issues with them?
Also contemplating several later model Corolla's & Avensis's.
Am reluctant to go automatic....always thought just more to go I deluded?


Hi there,
The vehicles you have mentioned are Japanese domestic imports and so there is little to no information available other than the generic which is generally applied to most Japanese manufactured vehicles. They are generally reliable, cheap to run and maintain, however they can lack safety features or information when compared to NZ new or European manufactured vehicles.
The newer the vehicle the more technology is generally added, and with imports you would be hard pressed to find a manual the newer you go.
Toyota have traditionally made very good vehicles.