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I am an AA member and need to purchase a car and specs are
1) 7-8 Seater (All seats should carry adults so minivan etc preferred as there will be 2 carseats in centre row plus 4 adults)
2) Power sliding doors preferable
3) 2-3 litre is okay (dont need high end specs as its only family car to take kids and parents safely)
4) Safety imp- so will avoid any car which had faults in specific year .
5) Should Fit in Double internal garage appro 36sqm (if possible )
6) Age -around 10 years old and price around 15k(plus or minus depending on kms) is okay-quite flexible on this

Somone has suggested Toyota Estimate but that was not good as its too low

Mazda MPV was good/better than Estima and can you pls advise which other brands /models i should also consider ?

Many Thanks
Loyal Noronha


Hi the Mazda MPV is a good option latter models also include fuel saving technology like istop, one thing to watch out for is the istop battery it can be a weakness this car has two batteries and the istop one is the more expensive one to replace. A friend of mine recently, bought one of these and has been very pleased with its performance.
Another option would be a Honda Odyssey but these don't have power doors, however they are a very reliable option.


Thanks, I will buy Mazda MPV and do you know if this model is affected by Full clean car programme i.e. they have fees for importing them from jan 2022 ? also presume 2008 model (3rd generation facelifted version) onwards is the way to go to minimise fees if any