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Hi. I'm interested to buy honda accord 2011, 20TL. That car imported from Japan in July. I purchase the car history of Japan from car jam. I'm bit confused. The car has very low mileage only 40000 kms. Second it say the car was recall detected. The problem they mentioned in 2016.09.08. In the inflator (inflator) of the passenger side airbag, the gas generating agent sometimes deteriorates due to repeated environmental temperature and humidity changes. Therefore, when the airbag is deployed, the inflator internal pressure abnormally increases, and the inflator container may be damaged. Can you plz suggest me do I have to buy this car or look for other option. Thanks


Hi there,
You will find this recall refers to the Takata Airbag recall that affected many vehicles, not just Japanese imports. The recall was global and made mandatory in order to be able to register an affected vehicle when imported into NZ>
I wouldn't think this to be an ongoing issue with this vehicle if the recall has been carried out.