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Currently have a 2007 Nissan Xtrail with 300000 kms. Been a good car but understand it is probably going to need to be replaced soon so wanted some advice please.

Tow capable for single horse float or small boat (up to 1800kg braked, ideally 2000kg)
Good ground clearance for off-road
Good leg room for both 1st and 2nd rows as kids 6ft 4
4+ ANCAP safety rating

Nice to Haves
Apple airplay/Android Auto
Reverse camera
7 seats

Models considered
Subaru Outback and Forester tow capacity limited
Another Nissan Xtrail 2008-2014
Mitsubishi outlander - Ground clearance suboptimal
Hyundai Sante Fe - Expensive
Haval H6 - Ground clearance issues
SSangyong Rexton 2018+ - too expensive
Toyotal Rav4 - tow rating and legroom (except for recent models)

Would appreciate any other recommendations people can make.




The model that springs to mind as a good all rounder is the Hyundai Santa Fe fitted with the 2.2L Diesel motor. It’s available in AWD and towing loads of up to 2000kg for a braked trailer as well as available in 7 seater option. I see you have marked it as Expensive but if you shop around for a lowish mileage 2015 -2016 model then you mind find something close - you can always try negotiating on price. Keep in mind that you might not get everything on the wish list in this price range.

Have a read of the towing review we did on a 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe.