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We are looking to buy a 1988 Peugeot 309 SR travelled 53,000kms. It has had 2 owners one of which drove the car for 22 years and comes with a good service record. The asking price is $2750.

Is this a good safe car for a 17 year old girl and are parts still readily available?


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While this sounds a very well kept, low mileage vehicle, I’m not sure it would be the best choice for a young driver with no mechanical knowledge, bearing in mind its age.

The 309 was a very good car in its day, but given that it’s now 22 years old, it is virtually a classic car now and things can and do go wrong.

Unless there is someone in the family who can do running repairs and tend to the little quirks an old car is likely to suffer from, a newer, mainstream Japanese car may be the better option.

It is also highly unlikely any car of this age will have airbags, ABS braking and the safety features you might be expecting.