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We are looking at buying a Mitsubishi Airtrek 2001 and have been advised by an importer that they are known for their transmission issues.

We have asked other people about this and they don't seem to think they have any more problems than any other car.

What do you know about this or any other problems with them?

From the "Ask Jack" archives - 3 September 2009


The Airtrek has been described as something of a lost child within the industry.

It was caught between the popular move to SUV's and station wagons and never really enjoyed great sales success.

The original engine was a 2.0 litre if my memory is correct and was later upgraded to a 2.4 and a turbo version was also available.

To answer your question; provided the transmission is serviced on a regular basis then their reliability is no different than any other comparable make / model.

Mitsubishi has not enjoyed the greatest reputation over the years but in recent times things have improved and the Airtrek is one of the new generation so to speak where reliability issues are no longer a major concern.

Automatic transmissions in any vehicle need looking after and I would strongly suggest you use Mitsubishi's recommended transmission fluid only, if you do purchase.

Remember also, it may not be the easiest car to sell based mainly on peoples pre conceived ideas.