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Hello. Could you please explain if there are huge differences between these two motors? We have been looking at Toyotas relatively-new used, and some model Corollas (1.5 litre) that we are keen on have the Dual VVT-I. Please advise if it is very much the same as normal VVT-I in the term of reliability and performance. Thanks.


To our knowledge, the 1.5 litre engine doesn't have dual VVT-i. Toyota models sold new in New Zealand have the 1.8 (dual VVT-i) in the Corolla sedan and hatch, and the 1.5 (single VVT-i) in the Corolla wagon.
Basically, single VVT-i means the engine has variable valve timing on the inlet cam only, whereas the dual VVT-i has variable timing on both the inlet and exhaust cams. Therefore, in loose terms it is really only a modification to the cylinder head, so I wouldn't get too hung up on whether or not it has dual or single VVT-i.
Having said that, we prefer the 1.8 engine as it has more power.