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Hi, we are looking for a family station wagon (budget of around $15K). Safety and reliability are our main concerns. In an ideal world we would get a NZ new Mazda 6 but a 2008+ model is well over budget unless they have done 150K+ kilometres. What are you thoughts on that?

Another option are imported VWs, there is a 2007 Passat FSI 2.0L with 110,000KM for $13K but I have heard these engines have troubles or a 2008 Golf 2.0L TSI sportsline wagon with 70,000KM for $15K. We would purchase mechanical warranty though I have heard rumours this can be $800 per year for European cars.

Or a NZ New Suburu Outback 2007 with 123,000KM (cam belt done) for $14750?

Thanks any advice much appreciated.


The 2007 or newer Mazda Atenza (Japan import version of Mazda6) is available in your price range and with low-ish (below 100,000km) mileage. It's a popular choice that has a good reputation.

Extended warranties can be expensive and don't cover everything and in most cases there will only be a contribution towards the repair - you should read the terms and conditions of the contract.

Low mileage is preference and you should consider looking for an older vehicle with low mileage instead of newer with high mileage.


We had a Mazda 6 which has now just ticked over 604ks - a company car and it still drives brilliant. other options you considering will not be as reliable or cheap to maintain as NZ NEW Mazda.

if you spend about 16k - you should be able to pick one done 130-180k. Most NZ new ones that dealers sells are Lease vehicle and generally comes with full service history. Unlike other cars - these have way longer life as long as you do your service every 10k.

Few links:

VW is not a reliable brand. Owned few and was not happy with them, electronic problem and gearbox are their weakest link. BMW will be a better choice but service is generally expensive for all euro.

Subaru also has cambelt which can cost you 1500 bux to replace from proper dealership.

MAZDA 6 is a camchain. great comfort, economy, safety and bullet proof engine. if i were you - i will buy nothing but a mazda 6. Has to be a NZ NEW. Imported one last less as people overseas don't maintain them as well we do it here. Also milage and environment where used are unknown. Good luck mate.