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Hi there, I've been looking at the Mazda Skyactive 2.2L diesel and have driven one and really enjoyed it. However, I've read (predominately overseas) that there have been issues with this particular engine (I'm looking relatively late model - 2017/18 but it isn't the latest generation). In particular around the DPF and how it functions and has causes oil levels to rise etc sometimes resulting in engine replacements or other costly repairs.
My question is: Has AA heard of these types of issues in NZ (or have they had any experience with these engines?)


Hi there,
We've not really heard of many Mazda issues of late. But the thing with DPF vehicles is that they are not suited to a lot of town driving and that seems to be where issues can start. Late model cars are generally covered by the manufacturers warranty and so we wouldn't hear about issues until after a few years if a vehicle has been plagued with problems.


I have owned a CX5 diesel since new in 2015 and have covered 43,000km. Absolutely love it. Most of my running is reasonably short and the oil level does rise between changes but never more than half way up to the absolute maximum mark on the dipstick. Very economical, currently showing 7.2 litres per 100km and that includes a bit of trailer towing.