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If you get your car Towed to An AA mechanics and they aren’t able to fix the car due to it being a bmw can you get the car towed again for free ?


Hi there,
I have attached the information below from the AA member benefit terms page, but no extra towage will be at the members cost.
Towing a vehicle to repair or safety after a breakdown
If the vehicle the Member is in breaks down or has a mechanical problem that cannot be repaired on the spot, the AA will tow the vehicle to the nearest place of safety or repair where arrangements for its repair can be made or where it can be safely stored. (Storage costs will be at the Member's cost). There is no charge to the Member for this callout and/or towing charges unless requiring/requesting towage in urban areas to a location which is more than 10km distant, in which case top up fees may apply.
Once a tow has been provided for a breakdown, any subsequent tows for the same breakdown will be paid for by the Member at the time of service. This includes towing a vehicle that has been towed after hours to the Member's home, a storage area, or other place of repair or safety, and then needs further towing as a consequence of the same breakdown event.