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Would like your professional opinion on the cost of a repair on my daughters car today.
They did a diagnostic scan, replaced 1 x ignition coil and 4 x spark plugs for $802.03.
The labour, freight & diagnostic chages look ok - but they charged $213.46 (ex gst) for the ignition coil and $63.99 (ex gst) per spark plug on a 2008 Suzuki Swift which seems very steep.
Could you please advice what you think the cost should be?


Hi there,
The Swift is listed as taking a long life spark plug which generally lasts and costs around 3x more than a standard plug does. Repco for example list them at around $40 each- so genuine could be more expensive plus the workshop mark-up..etc
The coil ranges from $135 to $266 and is dependent on branding.
There are generally three ranges when it comes to parts, factory (Suzuki), OEM- same as factory but not branded 'Suzuki', and aftermarket (cheaper copy type). They all work, some may work longer than others, and also the price, availability, and workshop policy can dictate as to where they source their parts from.