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Hi I have a Mazda CX5 2015 model 2.5 litre AWD.
The warranty expired in March this year . The car has developed serious fault where the Dash board cluster now goes completely blank no speedo no gauges also no reversing camera at all. Mazda dont know whats wrong but think that the Instrument cluster and or the wiring loom need to be replaced....a very costly exercise. Mazda say it not warranty. This is the third mazda we have bought from this Agent. I wonder what our options are?
cheers Peter


Hi there,
I recommend petitioning Mazda for "goodwill" repairs as the vehicle has only just come off warranty and as you say it's your third from their company so you are a loyal customer. The CGA may give some guidance as to the expected longevity of a product and is not limited to just warranty periods, whether it be a faulty product or an issue with a car purchased from a dealer.