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We have a camper van purchased just around two years ago.
It had a COF from Rotorua on purchase as a 4 berth.
It has since had a new COF carried out at VTNZ Whakatane last year, still a 4 berth.
This year when returning to VTNZ Whakatane we are told the seatbelts are not compliant so can only be certified again if seatbelts are removed and it will be downgraded to a 2 berth.
This obviously has a huge impact on value but also ability to use the van as there are children in our family.
What recourse is there when you purchase on the experience and certification proof of a registered certifying station only to be told they are now wrong.
From our understandInt no rules have changed just the two certifying facilities did not do their job properly, charged for their services and as a result we’ve purchased a vehicle for a lot more than it was worth and that is now not fit for our family purposes.
It is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter.
Thank you.
Appreciate your help.


Hi there,
You may need to contact the NZTA and speak about the COF inspections received. There is also the Disputes Tribunal if you have a dispute with the vehicle seller as it was possibly advertised as a 4 seat 4 berth?