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hello i was thinking of buying a IS250 Lexus 2007 @57000Km, appears to be in very good condition, are any known issues particularly mechanical. i am aware of the sticky dash board, and recall on fuel system, i have been assured on the dashboard, but need to check on the fuel system recall, as the vehicle i am looking at is another part of the country , i would ask the owner for a AA check over. Thanks Colin


Hi there,
We've not heard of anything specific on Lexus issues, they seem to be pretty reliable. The Autodata information we have on the IS/ISF Lexus shows a few notes like A/C recirculation not working, squeaking seats, knocking from front brakes, and steering not smooth when parking (modified rack required). So maybe just check a few of these issues are not present or have them investigated if present. I would imagine a 13 year old car could have displayed these issues and had them checked/remedied by now.