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Hi there
I have a 2013 corolla hatch that has a parasitic drain on the battery. The auto electrician that has been looking at the car, on and off for 8 days in total. the first four he didn't spend much time on it, but the latest stint of four days they have spent more hours on it. The latest stint of four days has not resolved things. they had to obtain schematics and diagrams from the local toyota dealership. they said multiple times they are narrowing it down. this is the second time the car has been left at their workshop for a period of four days respectively. The first time it was in their workshop they thought the faulty circuit might have something to do with the Transporter fuse (something to do with when the car is being transported), then this week, they thought the faulty module was in the Traction Control and then two days later replaced the Communications module or Body Control unit behind the glove box. They still need me to take the car back to them (I took it back over the weekend) on Monday for what will then be (in total) the 9th day of them having tried to look at it. I have said to them I am concerned that they don't know what they are doing and that I ought to take it elsewhere, but they just keep saying that these things are difficult and they are narrowing it down. What should I do? Does it seem like they are mucking me around? I am worried about being overcharged. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot! Deirdre, long time member and first time inquirer!


Hi there,
Hard to find issues can take a long time to diagnose and sometimes can be a very trying time for all to get to the bottom of it. The situation now is that the workshop has carried out some pretty extensive checking and if you were to take it somewhere else- they would have to start all over again from stage one.
This can be a good thing as it might brig a fresh pair of eyes or though as to the nature of the issue, but there is a risk of paying for repeat work.