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My daughter has a 2014 Mondeo which at 100,000km has suffered a totally failed Power Shift 6 speed gearbox. The Ford dealership has quoted a repair cost of $9000 + GST, and as it is 'out of warranty' is refusing to share any of the costs. This cost is close to the current market value of the car, which has been regularly serviced (but not by the dealership). Is there a 'known' problem with this gearbox? If so, and taking into account the age/mileage of the car, is it worth pursuing a case against Ford; eg under the Consumer Guarantees Act?


Hi there,
We've not heard much by way of Mondeo Powershift issues, but there have been a fair few failings and ongoing issues with the Powershift used in the Focus and Fiesta. You may need an expert to investigate what caused the transmission failure before seeking retribution from the manufacturer, unless you know the complete service and ownership history of the vehicle ie one owner always serviced by the one dealer.