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Hi, I have a Nissan Pulsar 2014 fitted with Bridgestone Ecopia tyres size 195/60R16 (I bought the car used but these are its original tyres). There doesn't seem to be so many tyre options in this size, and they also seem to cost more, the Ecopia ones are over $300 each, which is a bit expensive for me. A garage suggested that I could change the size of the tyres in order to have more and cheaper options available (the tyres need replacing soonish). Is this a good idea or a bad one? What size would I change to and what are the pros and cons? Any recommendations of specific tyres? I'm not necessarily looking to use the cheapest tyres possible, just something decent and reasonably economical (more like $150 - $200 fitted would be good). I mostly just drive around town, with the occasional road trip. Any help appreciated, thanks :)


Hi there,
Yes it could be beneficial to change tyre profile which will give a cheaper tyre choice. The tyre shop will be best to make recommendations on a size that will be as close to what you have as possible, it might be wider with lower profile (205/55/16) that could work best.