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Our VW Golf (2008) is in at the VW dealers under the global mechatronics recall - problem is, they've called to say that the whole unit is faulty, not just the part under recall and want to charge us $4950 for replacing it... pretty much more than the car is worth. Would appreciate any advice, should we shop around for a lower repair price, or scrap it? Not sure what we would even get if we did that.
Even though it's an older car, it's only done 40,000K so we're confused how this would even happen. We've only had it 3-4yrs but long enough that the dealer won't want to know. thanks


Hi there,
Unfortunately this is not uncommon with European vehicles, they go well but if they break, most repairs can be costly. DSG transmission issues and stretched timing chains can be large issues that can cause a vehicle to be scrapped or sold cheap. Your best bet might be to keep any eye out for a used one in hope it's ok or sell the car as is where you might get a few thousand for it by someone who may be mechanically minded to fix it at a lower cost.