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Our car had a battery change about two months ago and a month later we couldn't get the car started. We called AA and after diagnosis the mechanic suggested it's a faulty battery. We went back to our mechanics and got the battery replaced. But today when we tried to start the car we were getting difficulty again but in the end managed to start. Would this likely be an alternator issue rather than battery? Seems abit unlikely to have two faulty batteries in a row?

Car is hsj252 if there's report detail for the car on your end!



Hi Zeke,
There is a few things to consider.
The car might have an electrical drain where the battery is going flat over a period of time.
Or like you said, the alternator is not supplying enough charge to keep the battery at 100% when you drive.
I recommend having the vehicle looked at by an auto electrician when you can.
Also important to note, a battery in a vehicle that sits for long periods of time or only sees very short use, will go flat over time as the alternator is really designed to maintain a battery at 100% not charge a battery to 100%, so this is where a low output maintenance charger could come in handy.