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We have had recurring wheel alignment issues with our Toyota Granvia for about 18 months. We have taken it back to the dealer 3 times for wheel alignment adjustments and have replaced the front left tyre after it was found that it had uneven wear..

Now we have been told that the ball joints need replacing.

Could the ball joints issue have caused the wheel alignment problem or vice versa?

If the wheel alignment had been correctly fixed originally, would that have lengthened the life span of the ball joints?


From the "Ask Jack" archives - 8 September 2009


Ball joints are a critical part of a Warrant of Fitness inspection so if the vehicle has a current WOF (issued in the last 6 months) then it is hard to imagine all this work is necessary.

I can understand maybe one ball joint with excessive play in-between WOF inspections but not all four.

Wheel alignment cannot be set correctly if there is play in any of the steering joints and should always be checked after any work is carried out on the suspension. I struggle to understand why the repairer is adjusting the alignment and then telling you the ball joints need replacing some time afterwards.

Uneven tyre wear is a sure sign the wheels are not tracking correctly and the alignment is out of spec.

I am a great believer in experienced wheel alignment specialists looking at these sorts of problems rather than garages or tyre stores simply carrying out adjustments without looking for possible causes of incorrect alignment.

Maybe it's time for a second opinion.