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I have just purchased a 2005 Honda CRV Sport and would like to know what grade of engine oil is recommended.


from the "Ask Jack" archives - 1 September 2009


Honda have their own oil which is called FEO (Fuel Efficient Oil) and has a 10-30 viscosity rating. The inference from Honda is that with their oil the car will achieve the optimum fuel consumption.

There is some truth in this as the wrong viscosity (too heavy an oil) can have an effect on fuel consumption. Not to say you would not get the same consumption figures from a different brand with the same viscosity rating.

Because of the age of the vehicle I would recommend you use the Honda oil for at least another 12 months. An oil pack can be purchased from any Honda dealer. If you do oil changes yourself, then it is always recommended you replace the sump plug washer every time and don't forget the oil filter.