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Hi Expect,

Recently there was an accident, the rear passenger side door got hit along with the left rear wheel, while still waiting for quote to be approved I tried to switch to spear tyre to get on motor way. When I was replacing tyre I found in the centre of the wheel mount(not sure what it should be called) there is a dent, not sure if it was caused by accident or it was there before. Check the picture here:, I use a red rectangle highlighted the area I'm having concern.

So my question is does this matter and should I get it fixed?
If so roughly how much would it cost if insurance can't cover it?


It may not be part of the accident. These are grease caps that allow access to the bearing adjustment and the rear brake shoes. They can be sometimes tapped off with a chiseled and hammer this causing this kind of damage.
Mention it to the assessor anyway they are not really that expensive and they may be included a good way to tell may be to inspect the opposite side for similar damage.
For a price contact the parts department eg Toyota parts.