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I need a new work vehicle and am considering whether to buy a petrol or diesel vehicle.

It will be doing around 50,000km per year (carrying cabinetry) and I am wondering whether the petrol option will be more reliable and cost effective than diesel.

I currently have a 3.0 diesel and although it runs well the cost of servicing is high and the cost of diesel plus mileage doesn’t seem to be as much of a cost saving vs petrol as it used to be.

I’ll look forward to anyone’s help!


Hi there,
Generally speaking with the high petrol prices, the per km total running cost for both Diesel and Petrol are not too dissimilar. You might find that diesel engines are recommended for high km, long distance travels and petrol's for more short running as a diesel engine takes a while to warm up and can play up with lots of short cold runs.