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Can I use 98 octane instead of 95 octane in my 2005 Honda Odyssey Absolute. I did a search and it indicated that 95 RON is the preferred fuel type to be used. However, I have picked up that 98 is at times far cheaper than 95 in our surrounding area. Will there be potential engine damage if I do use 98 RON?


There is no risk whatsoever in using a higher octane grade than recommended (you only risk damage from using a lower grade). Be aware that Gull sell a 98 octane with 10% ethanol, which will be cheaper than other brands because there is less tax on biofuel-blends, and they are also no-frills. Your model is ethanol-compatible so there are no risks, but fuel consumption is marginally worse with biofuel, another reason it should be priced cheaper than other brands.