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Hi there, I am currently looking at buying a 3rd Gen (2003-2009) Subaru Outback. The car I want to purchase is a facelifted 2006 model with a EJ25 engine. I have looked at 2500cc & 3000cc models but would rather get a 2500cc for better fuel economy.

My main question with opting for a 2500cc is, is it fine to run an EJ25 engine on 91 or is 95 critical for all 3rd gen engines (both 2500cc & 3000cc)? Also, does this apply to 4th gen models (2009-2014) aswell?

I have read a few articles and forums regarding specific engines requiring 95 and others being able to take 91 with no issues but am not entirely sure if 91 is fine in this case. I used to own a 2001 2500cc Outback and always ran it on 95 but after moving to a diesel, dropping $100-125 on a tank is eye watering so I would rather use 91 if its possible.


Hi there,
I only have spec information available for the NZ new spec models. It shows that the 2006 BL/BP model Outback is listed to use 91 octane fuel.
The 2009 BR models are the same.