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Hi Tech Team,
I'm looking to buy a safe small - med secondhand car with a good sized boot, economical to run and one that can do well on the open road. My budget is approx 7k which rules out hybrids that don't need their battery replaced within the next year or so!! I've been reading some of your comments and noting the ratings of different cars. I've been interested in a Subaru Impreza, Hyundai I30, BMW 116i. I'm thinking that I need to be aiming for a 1500cc motor. I've also checked out a Suzuki Swift (boot too small) and was thinking of checking out a Mazda Demio but was put off by the safety rating despite its popularity. I'd love to get the BMW but that has the same petrol usage as a BMW 4litre!! Could you tell me why there is no difference in their ratings in this regard? I've been looking at models of all the cars between 2007 to 2012. The safety rating of the car is the highest priority for me balanced with petrol usage. Many thanks for any wisdom you may be able to offer because I feel as though I'm going around in circles!!