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Private cars are often used to transport kids on outings and camps at our school. I would like to find suitable reimbursement rates for these cars. I would anticipate two rates only - one for cars seating 4-5 and one for vehicles seating 6-8. As the owners of these vehicles would pay costs like insurance and registration, and some depreciation, regardless of whether the vehicles get used for school trips, these costs should not be reflected in the reimbursement rates.
Ideally the rates will be equations based on some standard published rate(s). I guess we are looking to cover running costs (fuel and maintenance) rather than ownership costs.
Many thanks


Hi there,
In this case, I would use a rate of 25c per km as a lower figure and 30c as a higher figure.
This would cover flexible costs like fuel and maintenance, this is outlined as part of our annual AA running cost report which is available for purchase on 0800 500 333 Option 2,
$20 for AA members.