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Received an over speed ticket traveling 8km/h over in a 50 km/h zone.
This was early March and summer period ended where i believe there was a 4km/h tolerance before a ticket was issued.
There were no special circumstances I am aware of for the area the mobile camera was in place.
Has the tolerance been set permanently to 4km/h?? as searches i have made still indicate a 10km/h tolerance unless a special circumstance applies ie holiday period


Hi there, I received the answer below via our Motoring Affairs team.
The speed tolerance is police operational policy and there is no mandated tolerance. The police policy has been to generally apply a 10km/h tolerance, reduced to 4km/h during the Xmas/New period (in the past has been all of Dec/Jan but this has varied too).
But in reality the police can and do exercise discretion and may ticket people for going over the speed limit, but by less than 10km/h, at any time (this includes cameras). In essence, the speed limit is the speed limit, not the speed limit plus 10km/h.
Historically the tolerance was introduced by the police to allow for measurement error in their equipment. However their modern speed measuring equipment (whether hand-held or cameras) is very accurate and so this rationale no longer applies.