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Hi there, my WOF has been failed because there are bubbles in the tint on the rear window. These have been there for many years and I've never had a problem getting my WOF. The bubbles are from 1/2 cm high x 2cm wide to 2cm high x 5cm wide, and most are in the bottom quarter of the window. They said the bubbles impair vision, but I don't even notice them when looking in my rear vision mirror. I'd like to know what size or number of bubbles are acceptable. Are there regulations concerning this? Thanks.


Hi there,
The WoF rules state: overlays are not allowed to:
– have any bubbling or other defect that could unreasonably impair vision, or
– have a mirrored effect that is sufficient to dazzle other road users, or
– affect the performance of any high-mounted stop lamp fitted to the vehicle.