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I'm not sure what my course of action should be in regards to an unwarranted vehicle of which I am the registered person.
The vehicle is in the possession of the legal owner, with whom my unwavering attempts at contact have been futile (even twice in person and they just won't say a word to me...).

I arranged for the car to go to the mechanics but they did not show, I gave a deadline saying I would deregister the vehicle or report it stolen... to no avail.

Obviously, I don't want to escalate things in that way. My concern is that I am fully liable for a car that is NOT road legal... meaning that while the owner may be the best damn driver in the world...but if the worst damn driver in the world happens to come crashing into a Ferrari. I would be FULLY liable!

What is my best move here?

Thanks very much...


Hi there,
If you are not the vehicle owner and no longer in passion of the vehicle , then let the NZTA know that you are not in passion of such vehicle and at what date it left your possession. You can do that here: