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Hi, I drive a 2018 Mitsubishi Triton (submodel: DC C GLX 4WD 5AT 2.4) diesel with automatic transmission. It has 16,000km on the clock. The manual states it has an engine oil capacity of 7.4 litres (7.0 litres in oil pan, 0.3 litres in the oil filter and 0.1 litre in the oil cooler). However I've been charged for 8.4 litres of engine oil at the last two services.
I'm also confused about the oil level on the dipstick. There are 3 marks - minimum, maximum and oil replacement indication mark (which is well above the maximum mark). The ute has traveled less than 200km since the last service. I have just checked the dipstick and it shows that the oil level is nearly at the oil replacement indication mark - the ute has been sitting overnight.
My questions are - should the oil level be above maximum and should more than the stated capacity be added when the oil is changed?
Thanks for you help.


Hi Fiona,
I'm not sure why there is an oil replacement indicator above the full mark. But the 'normal' operating level is anywhere between the min and the max. Workshops try and have the level set near the max after a service, and occasionally it can rise above as the oil settles overnight. But in this case, the workshop might have overfilled the oil level, I recommending speaking to them as to resetting the level and asking why so much oil used compared to the specs?