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Hi All. Could anyone confirm or deny if it is legal to drive in a Bus lane out of the posted operating hours. I was driving in a Bus lane outside the Bus operating hours and another car changed lane into my path and collided with my vehicle. He's now trying to say I shouldn't have been driving in the Bus lane as there was a solid white line between the main, and the Bus lane, (which he cut across anyway!). Thanks


Hi there,
While I can't comment on the rule on that particular lane.
Auckland Transport have said the below.
Lane operating times
Bus and transit lane hours of operation are displayed on road signs.
If operating times are not specified on road signage, a lane operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If operating times are specified, the lane operates as a normal lane (no restrictions) outside those specified times.
If you are unsure if you can use the lane, it is best to stay out of the bus or transit lanes and travel in the regular traffic lane.
In these situations it needs to be considered that there is a road rule that would be infringement worthy if an enforcement officer was present at the time, and there is also the cause of the accident. Sometimes they are the same and sometimes not.
Regardless if a vehicle travelling in a bus lane is allowed there or not, it doesn't give another vehicle the right to crash into them (if they too broke a road rule).