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We bought a Uk caravan from a dealer about 6 months ago and after doing some research on what a green bracket near the hitch was for, we discovered that it should be used as a stabiliser bar as the hitch we have is an older style that doesn't have dampening like the Alko hitches found on newer UK caravans. We have asked the dealer for comment and they are adamant that the caravan is safe because it has a WOF. incidentally, we asked them at time of purchase what the bracket was for and they didn't know so I'm of the opinion this is news to them that the van should have a sway bar. Should we be worried about continuing to use the hitch without a sway bar or is it okay because the caravan has a warrant? How are we placed to demand they supply a sway bar?


I don't think it is possible to post a picture of the bracket.


Hi there,
If the caravan drawbar and hitch were designed to have certain components to make it safer to tow then I would recommend having it fitted- irrespective if the caravan has a WoF or not. It may have once been an optional extra.
A WoF inspection is carried as if it was a general trailer and inspects the condition and operation of the components in accordance with the NZTA rules.