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Are car dealers required to inform you the car you are buying is an ex rental? We have just brought a Toyota Signature Class Corolla and have just discovered it is an Ex Rental. I don’t think we would have offered as much if we had known.




Times have changed, and where we once looked down on rental or company fleet vehicles, in many ways they can now be considered better in that they have usually been very well maintained. The reality is that a huge percentage of new cars (particularly Toyota Corollas and similar type vehicles) are now sold new to rental or fleet buyers under lease agreements with buy-back arrangements. Toyota's Signature Class would rate as one of the very best used car programmes in New Zealand, with many of the vehicles having a similar background to yours.
These cars are refurbished in Toyota's workshops along with selected Used Imports and they are prepared to a very high standard.
On the subject of Imports, the dealer is obligated to disclose if a vehicle was a Used Import, but under no obligation to disclose it was an ex rental as it no longer matters.
So, in short, the stigma that was once attached to an ex-rental is long since gone and as you have bought through a Toyota Signature Class outlet, used cars don't come any better.
I hope this puts your mind at rest.


10 years ago we bought an ex-rental via Holdens then scheme which was similar to the Toyota one.
We have never regretted it for one minute and 3 days ago it passed its WOF with no problems.


Thanks that does help.

Because it was a Signature class car I didn’t look into its past like I normally would have. Only after we got it home did we notice a couple of odd things.

Hertz had it for two years.

In the first year it did 40,000k in the next six months it did 20,000k which looks normal the odd thing is at this point it appears to get another WOF (six month early) and in the following nine months it only did 2,800k.

For 5 months of this it was owned by Toyota while I guess it was being refreshed. The thing that I am still a little concerned about is it spent 4 of these months owned by Hertz with a maximum of 2800 k done?

The other thing that concerns me a little is the service history in the car it show the first 15k service was done at 25k and the second at 30k and doesn’t show the initial 1k service but perhaps Toyota doesn’t do this.

I guess I don’t have anything to worry about as it does have a 3 year unlimited k warranty just feel a little foolish I didn’t check out the history first.

Thanks for your help.