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We have a car first registered mid 2013 (so about 3.5 years old, We are having some issues with it (istop warning light coming on), and it is looking as though the manufacturer is suggesting the battery is needing to be replaced.
In my mind, it doesn't seem reasonable that a ~$40,000 car has a battery that should fail after about 3 years...I say 3 years because it has taken me a few months of doing different things (ie charging the battery myself, changing driving habits etc), to confirm that no matter what we do the issue is always encountered.
The car is used daily for mainly trips around suburbs with the occasional run down/up country.
The manufacturer says that the battery is a consumable item and therefore they are not surprised. I know our last 4 or so cars have all retained their manufacturer battery for at least 5+ years (and my other 2003 car still has the original battery in it), so find this a little surprising.
It would be great if you could offer some thoughts on whether this seems reasonable to expect to replace a ~$400 battery after 3.5 years on a ~$40,000 car?


Hi Troy,
Unfortunately we have encountered this problem with the special design batteries for the modern stop/start system failing after a few years. We have had to replace a battery on a staff Mazda that was just out of warranty.
You may wish to take it up with the manufacturer and press them for a new battery.
Otherwise an AA EFB flooded cell battery may be suitable an available at a reasonable price.