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Additional safeguards to help keep your car germ-free

Even though we’re now in Alert Level 3, cars should still only be used for accessing essential services, such as going to the supermarket or pharmacy, or for going to work.

If you’re still using your car for these reasons, you may wish to do some additional cleaning. And even if you’re not using it at all, additional cleaning can be a good way to pass the time!

Here’s our top tips for keeping the high contact areas of your car germ-free.

Steering wheel

The most frequented point-of-contact of a car’s interior is the steering wheel. We recommend cleaning it with sanitising towels.

Gear selector

It doesn’t matter if your car is manual or an auto – your gear selector is touched every time you operate your car. Make sure to clean thoroughly, paying extra attention to any buttons or switches your model has.

Door handles

Like you should be doing at home with all commonly-used appliances, be sure to wipe down your door handles – both on the outside and inside of your car.

Knobs, buttons and switches

Other areas of focus should be on the knobs, buttons and switches in your car – especially ones that you use every time you drive. For instance, you’re likely to be frequently using air con controls at this time of year. Your volume dial is another part of your car that might be used often.

Infotainment screens

Does your car have a touchscreen infotainment system? If so, this can be a breeding ground for germs so should be wiped down with a microfiber cloth whenever possible.

Ignition key

Many people might not think to clean this, but your key is touched every time you enter your car (unless you have a keyless entry system). Keys are also kept alongside other items that can be contaminated, such as your wallet/purse, and mobile phone.

Other areas to focus on:

Try and clean every last corner of your car’s interior, including your seats, centre console, glovebox, cup holders, and your carpets.

Handy items to keep in your car:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Disinfectant spray/cloth
  • Tissues

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