In the market for an SUV and want to make the most of the clean car rebate? There are around a dozen battery electric SUVs which are eligible for the maximum rebate of $8,625, with more set to arrive later this year and in 2023. Of the vehicles currently available, here are the five with the lowest energy consumption.  

1. Hyundai Kona

hyundai kona Recovered

Price: From $69,990
Battery: 39kWh or 64kWh (add $10,000)
Range: Up to 305km WLTP or 484km for the larger battery
0-100km/h: 9.9 seconds
Clean car rebate: $8,625

The Kona Electric Series II is popular with families and businesses, and is one of the most energy efficient SUVs available. That efficiency, plus its price tag, features and interior storage space, all add up to create an excellent all-round vehicle. The Kona has an outstanding infotainment system, heated seats and adjustable lumbar support. If you upgrade to the larger battery, most drivers will be able to get away with charging just once a week or so; without other upgrades you could sneak under the $80,000 cap for the maximum rebate.

It’s a smaller SUV so space is a little tight in the back seat for adults, and the boot isn’t enormous. But it’s a smooth cruisy drive that works around town and for weekends away. Available in six colours.

2. Kia Niro EV


Price: From $67,990 + ORC for the EV Light, or $73,990 + ORC for the EV Water
Battery: 64.8kW
Range: Up to 460 WLTP
0-100km/h: 7.8 seconds
Clean car rebate: $8,625

For the price, the Niro EV has a very large battery and excellent range with rapid acceleration, which makes it very efficient. The interior feels high-quality, with a great infotainment system and clever, intuitive controls. It’s spacious and gives anyone in the back seats ample legroom, there are USB chargers for phones and the boot has a 475-litre capacity. You can even use the battery to plug in appliances, so pop your kettle in the boot and you can have a cup of tea when you stop for a picnic.

Not everyone will warm to the styling, but its reliability and practicality make it great value for money. And with 14 Niro colour combinations, you can get creative with the look.

3. Peugeot e-2008

2008 Cutou2t

Price: From $73,990
Battery: 50kWh
Range: Up to 372km WLTP
0-100km/h: 8.5 seconds
Clean car rebate: $8,625

A compact SUV with excellent handling, the Peugeot e-2008 gives you modern European styling at an excellent price. The e-2008 has a futuristic interior with a fun 3D display, high-quality materials and the steering wheel set down low. Plenty of legroom and boot space means you’ll be ready for a short holiday with a couple of kids, and the cupholders and storage compartments are great for your road trip snacks and provide lots of device charging options. The seats and steering wheel are particularly comfortable, and with the responsive ride, the e-2008 provides a great experience for drivers.

Because it’s a smaller SUV, it’s not going to work as well for a bigger family or a lot of luggage, but otherwise it’s a sound choice with superb energy efficiency. Available in six colours, including a striking orange.

4. Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai IONIQ 5 04

Price: From $79,990
Battery: 58kWh, or 72.6kWh (add $4,000)
Range: Up to 384 WLTP
0-100km/h: 8.5 seconds
Clean car rebate: $8,625

The Ioniq 5 has been wreathed in awards since its launch, lauded for its performance, eco-friendly materials and innovation. You certainly won’t mistake the Ioniq 5 for any other car on the road – it has a geometric design with stylish wheels and touches that make it feel distinctively futuristic. The largest SUV on this list, the interior is roomy and it has a huge 527-litre boot at the back and a bonus 57-litre front boot. An outstanding mid-sized BEV with room for the whole family to fit comfortably, whether you’re heading off on holiday or just taking a carload of teenagers to football training.

There is a larger battery available and an all-wheel drive option, but any upgrades will push you out of the clean car rebate price cap. Available in eight colours.


MG EV080922 014 Oct 3

Price: From $49,990 for the Excite; from $53,990 for the Essence
Battery: 50.3kWh
Range: Up to 320 WLTP
0-100km/h: 8.2 seconds
Clean car rebate: $8,625

If price is your priority, the MG ZS EV is a winner. The driveaway price on the base model is under $50,000 and then you get your $8,625 rebate – this is one of the cheapest BEVs in New Zealand. Another compact SUV, the ZS EV is a safe and well-appointed vehicle with modern features and a smooth driving experience. The ZS is on par with its competitors in terms of range and acceleration, so there aren’t any major compromises there.

The infotainment unit isn’t as user-friendly as some, the styling isn’t thrilling and the suspension is a little bouncy. Overall, though, this is an outstanding package for the price. Available in five colours.

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