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Mazda plants over 100,000 native trees with Trees That Count

The AA was pleased to learn Mazda’s positive environmental impact in collaboration with Trees That Count has reached an important milestone, with over 111,000 native trees now planted throughout New Zealand.

Mazda is the first funder through Trees That Count’s online native tree marketplace to fund this many trees. It’s expected that the 111,000 native trees will help to sequester approximately 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over fifty years, in addition to providing many other benefits – forming wildlife habitats, cleaning waterways, and promoting New Zealand’s precious natural biodiversity.

Mazda started its work with Project Crimson Trust – the parent organisation of Trees That Count – in 2004. For the last 18 years, Mazda and Project Crimson have been working together for the protection and restoration of our native trees. In 2007 they established TREEmendous School Makeovers together, planting native trees at schools around New Zealand to aid outdoor learning experiences.

In 2018, Mazda became one of the first of Project Crimson’s partners for the Trees That Count native tree marketplace.

Mazda has been gifting native trees on behalf of our customers to start the ball rolling and since October 2021, we are now funding five native NZ trees for every new Mazda model sold in conjunction with Trees That Count.

Trees That Count are thrilled that Mazda was the first corporate to reach that important milestone.

“We have a few corporate partners nipping at Mazda’s heels,” said Melanie Seyfort, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Trees That Count, “but this is the first time someone’s hit that magic 100,000 point. It’s an impressive and important achievement.”

“It’s an easy number to say, but if you think about how many native trees that really is, and what that does for Aotearoa’s biodiversity, the cleanliness of our air and waterways, it’s a massive impact.”


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