AA Directions Spring 2020

Schemes to support new businesses and new careers, spaces to learn new skills, lessons and insights from entrepreneurs pivoting in times of upheaval – this issue focuses on opportunity. Grabbing opportunities is something New Zealanders are good at. We have the attitude needed to make the most of circumstances, to see the possibilities. We look a challenge in the eye and turn it around, create something with it and, more often than not, share it with others.

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Pax Assadi's Top Spot

Which New Zealand holiday destination takes centre stage for the comedian?

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Taking the waters

Indulgence and history attract many locals and visits alike to Rotorua.


All charged up

Sales of electric vehicles has been steadily growing in New Zealand over the last decade.

News bites

People are twice as likely to die or be seriously injured in a 1- or 2-star rated car than they are in a 5-star rated vehicle
Read more - Stars on cars
Glamping, or glamorous camping, offers time on the farm sans gumboots and cowpats
Read more - Intrepid luxury
What's behind the garage door? We find one very clever handyman inside an unassuming Auckland shed
Read more - Hooked on making stuff
There’s one type of asset that New Zealanders know in their bones is too big and important to be allowed to crash: housing
Read more - A market that's too big to fail

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