Media releases

1 April 2022

On Road Costs now more important than ever before – AA

Car buyers in New Zealand will now need to be much more aware of the emissions a vehicle puts out with the Government’s Clean Car Discount scheme coming into effect today.

9 March 2022

AA welcomes historic passing of drugged driver testing

The AA wants to see roadside drug testing start happening as soon as possible following Parliament’s historic passing of the legislation allowing it yesterday.

27 January 2022

Road safety review shows plenty of room for improvement

The AA hopes that the review of Government road safety investment and delivery released today will mean more police out on the roads in the near future.

1 January 2022

Too many lives lost on the roads again in 2021

There has been little improvement on road deaths in New Zealand this year, with 319 people having been killed in crashes.

14 December 2021

Keep calm and carry on (on the roads out of Auckland) - AA

The AA is urging motorists crossing the Auckland border on the 15th or over the weekend to be patient and allow plenty of time to get to their destination as the roads are expected to be busy.

10 December 2021

Never leave your children or pets in a parked vehicle: AA and SPCA’s warning to public

As the days are getting hotter, the AA and SPCA are reminding motorists to never leave their children or pets in parked cars - no matter where or how the car is parked, and not even for 5 minutes.

7 December 2021

Alcohol interlocks prevent near 40,000 attempts to drive

Alcohol interlocks in the cars of high-risk drunk drivers stopped 37,061 attempts to use the vehicle in 2020.

3 December 2021

AA Pet Insurance announce sponsorship of New Zealand Epilepsy Assist Dog Trust

AA Pet Insurance is delighted to announce its 2022 sponsorship partnership with the New Zealand Epilepsy Assist Dog Trust.

25 November 2021

AA Traveller and Adventure South NZ launch exclusive cycling and walking tour partnership

AA Traveller is thrilled to announce a new partnership with New Zealand’s leading cycling and walking tour operator, Adventure South NZ.

6 November 2021

AA DRIVEN NZ Car of the Year makes a 2021 comeback

After a year hiatus, the AA DRIVEN New Zealand Car of the Year is returning for 2021.

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