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28 January 2021

AA supports vehicle emissions standards but doubts remain over target

The AA is supportive of the Government’s announcements today to reduce transport emissions, but is concerned that the proposed targets may not be possible within the timeframe.

31 December 2020

2020 road deaths a very sad and disappointing result

In a year where New Zealand faced unprecedented change, road deaths have sadly remained largely the same.

21 December 2020

First-time campervan driver? AA shares its top tips for a safe roadie

As Kiwis get set to hit the road in greater numbers than ever before for domestic holidays, the AA Driving School team is appealing to a whole new class of first-time drivers to watch their speed and take their time these holidays.

16 December 2020

AA Motoring’s top tips for getting your car road trip ready

With Christmas just around the corner, AA Motoring is sharing its top tips and tricks for ensuring your vehicle gets you to your summer holiday destination safely. Tyres

15 December 2020

‘Cracking a window won’t help’: AA reminds motorists to never leave children or pets in vehicles

The AA is warning motorists that with a hot summer predicted to hit New Zealand, it's more important than ever to keep children and pets out of parked cars. AA General Manager Roadside Solutions Bashir Khan says there’s a common misconception that cracking windows will cool down a vehicle enough for it to be ok for a child or pet to stay put. That parking in the shade will do the trick is another myth, Bashir says. “On a 30°C day, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach 39°C in less than 5 minutes; in 30 minutes, it will be 49°C. This occurs even if the vehicle is parked in the shade with the windows down. “Our message is simple: never leave your children or pets in your vehicle, even if you’re just nipping into a shop. “If the purpose of your trip isn’t to take your dog somewhere, such as to the park for a walk, just leave them at home.” Even with Kiwis driving less this year due to lockdowns, AA Roadservice has been to more than 470 emergency callouts for children locked in vehicles and more than 450 for pets.

12 November 2020

AA congestion data shows impact of Harbour Bridge shut-down

A ‘freak’ gust of wind and a truck being caught in precisely the wrong place at precisely the wrong time resulted in a two-week-long traffic headache for many Aucklanders, but AA congestion data suggests the impact could have been a lot worse had traffic been at pre-Covid levels.

16 October 2020

AA helps Kiwis gear up and stay safe on outdoor adventures

The AA is encouraging Kiwis to get on their bikes and stay safe this summer with the launch of a new partnership with Torpedo7, which includes a free comprehensive bicycle safety check for its more than one million Personal Members.

13 October 2020

AA continues to expand its home service offering

The AA hopes to make it easier for Kiwis to find an expert and trusted tradesperson for work around the house with the launch of its new “Book a Job” tradespeople service.

12 October 2020

AA Traveller shines a light on Kiwi Gems

AA Traveller is encouraging Kiwis to take the road less travelled this summer with the unveiling of a new list of Kiwi Gems. AA Travel and Tourism General Manager Greig Leighton says the new campaign celebrates fresh ideas and lesser-known spots that make our country really special, as well as new ways of approaching travel to familiar places. Kiwis can also test their knowledge of New Zealand and be into win one of 48 individual travel prizes, and three prize packs*, by taking part in a Kiwi Gems Quiz at “We’ve called the campaign - We Love You New Zealand! - as we hope to inspire Kiwis to fall even more in love with this great place we call home,” Greig says. “From helping deliver mail in Pelorus Sound or finding archaeological relics at Rotorua’s Buried Village, to swimming at the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool in Dunedin or trying cable wakeboarding in Central Hawke’s Bay, our country has so many unique and interesting experiences to offer.” Greig says AA Traveller worked closely with Tourism New Zealand, as well as Regional Tourism Organisations and local operators to pinpoint Kiwi Gems throughout the country.

7 October 2020

AA Pet Insurance looks back at a wild two years in business

In celebration of its second birthday, AA Pet Insurance has looked back at its most common, wacky and expensive claims.

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