Speaking up for AA Members

We work with the government, industry and media to represent the interests of our 1.8 million Members.

AA advocacy and policy work mainly focuses on protecting the freedom of choice and rights of Members, keeping the cost of transport fair and reasonable and improving road safety.

We speak out when our Members aren't getting a fair deal.

Our views can include Member surveys, and research and analysis to help develop them, and reflect the responsible position the Association holds in New Zealand as the country's largest consumer organisation.

Representing Members is about more than just cars

Members' interests extend beyond just cars and roads - they also rely on public transport, cycling and walking.

Ultimately, the AA supports freedom of mobility and individual choice. Members want to see a balanced transport system, including public transport, which preserves their freedom and mobility.

They expect a system that is responsive, safe, reasonably priced and environmentally sustainable.

Cars are invaluable

For the vast majority of us, cars are invaluable. Whether it's as a driver or passenger, we rely on cars to meet our day to day needs, and to enhance our quality of life. Ensuring that the rights of motorists are protected is important to us and it's also good for the economy.

Economic benefits are realised in the following ways:

Did you know?

80% of New Zealanders' travelling time is spent driving or as a passenger in cars.

  • The roading system is the basis of New Zealand's transport infrastructure and is vital to the nation's economic and social wellbeing
  • Vehicle-related industries generate income and employment for many New Zealanders
  • Road users collectively pay $5 billion in taxes each year through fuels excise, road user charges, ACC (accident cover), ETS (emissions trading scheme), and GST

Learn about our survey research

To be a voice for our Members on transport issues we need to have a good understanding of their views.

To achieve this we regularly conduct email surveys of random samples of our Members on a wide range of topics, working hard to make sure genuine and accurate views of our Members are captured.

Read more about how we conduct and use our Member surveys

AA transport policy positions

Find out about the AA's views on a wide range of transport issues including infrastructure, costs, safety and mobility.

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