Election Calls

Our 2023 Election Calls are based on issues AA Members care deeply about, and also changes that the AA thinks will deliver real improvement to New Zealand’s transport system.

We want a transport network that is safe, efficient, resilient, and affordable, and that provides us with choices in the way we travel.

Regardless of which political party/parties form the next Government, we see these calls as achievable actions they can take in the next term to make transport better.

Short summary of our 2023 Election Calls:

The AA's 2023 Election Calls document has full information.

Revive essential road maintenance

AA’s Call: Increase road maintenance by at least $1.2 billion over the next three years – focussed on foundation and resurfacing work. This is needed to catch up on work that should have been done in previous years. It could enable, for example, an extra 1,600 lane km of foundation work and 7,500 lane km of resurfacing.

The AA believes road maintenance should get the first call on Fuel Excise Duty (FED) & Road User Charge (RUC) revenue to ensure road users get well-maintained roads in exchange for our fuel taxes.

Make the road network resilient

AA’s Call: Improving the resilience of our road network needs to become an urgent ongoing priority. This means having a clear and fully-funded plan for improving the resilience of major roads most at risk or where the consequences of a road being impassable are most significant. It also means carefully considering opportunities to improve resilience when planning road construction, renewals and maintenance work.

Stop drunk and drugged drivers

AA’s Call: Saliva-based roadside drug testing devices need to be introduced as soon as possible by Police and alcohol testing numbers need to return to their previous high levels. Authorities need to monitor and follow up those who do not install an interlock so that all drivers sentenced to them actually end up with a device in their vehicle.

Boost investment in electric vehicle chargers

AA’s Call: Government (working with the private sector) must further increase its support for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. A particular focus is needed on places where installing EV chargers is not commercially viable because without a complete network drivers will continue to have “range anxiety”.

Target cellphone use behind the wheel

AA’s Call: Reducing cellphone use by drivers needs to be made an urgent road safety priority by the authorities. A coordinated plan and package of actions is required to change people’s behaviour – combining better detection and enforcement, effective penalties, awareness campaigns and technology solutions.

Lift the safety of regional highways

AA’s Call: We need a pipeline of new builds to replace our least safe roads, and we need to complement this with decarbonising the cars that drive on them. The AA wants to see clear, fully funded plans for upgrading regional roads. This should include a combination of building new roads and bypasses; upgrading entire road corridors to a quality that fits the use and purpose of the road; and smaller safety retrofits where appropriate.

Fund roads fairly: GST charged on fuel tax (FED/RUC) should go into roads

AA’s Call: To boost transport funding, the AA wants GST paid on fuel tax and road user charges to be added into the  National Land Transport Fund to be spent on maintaining safe, high-quality roads. Doing this is fair and would increase transport funding by 15% at no extra cost to motorists.

Show how transport emissions tax is meaningfully reducing transport emissions

AA’s Call: The AA wants to see a clear, long-term strategy, with time-bound targets, showing how the money paid by Kiwis in transport-related ETS charges is actually reducing transport emissions in line with the Government’s climate change commitments.

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