RealMe® Verified Identity

RealMe verification at the AA

What is RealMe?

RealMe allows you to access multiple online services with one username and password, and securely prove who you are online. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has the responsibility for delivering RealMe services – an initiative from the New Zealand Government.

There are two services offered by RealMe:

RealMe Login

  • You make this at home, answer some security questions
  • Create a username & password to access multiple government services

RealMe Verified 

  • You can apply online and have your identity and photo verified at an authorised agent
  • If you do not have a NZ passport you’ll need to have your photo taken and ID verified at an authorised agent
  • Having a RealMe Verified identity will allow you to access many services in the online space

How can you verify your RealMe identity?

If you have a NZ passport, you can take your own photo for your RealMe® Verified identity. If you do not have a NZ passport you will need to have your photo taken and ID verified at an:

  • AA Centre
  • AA Driver Licensing Agent
  • AA Mobile Unit

The AA is the only authorised agent in NZ that verifies RealMe identities on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The list of businesses, services and government departments using the RealMe service is growing all the time – it includes banking and financial service providers, student enrolments and StudyLink, Universities and Polytechs to name just a few organisations. 

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