AA position on transport issues

These pages provide an overview of the key transport policy areas that the AA has an interest in and the AA's position on these topics. 

Transport is a rapidly changing sector and it covers a very wide range of topics. Each and every area of transport policy is complex and evolving.  Changes in one area can affect other areas, with wide social and economic impacts. 

The AA's view on transport policy is guided by Member surveys, AA Research Foundation programmes, the work of other researchers and experts in the transport sector, and the submissions we make to government on topical transport issues. Links to these resources are provided in this section, but please keep in mind that transport and mobility is rapidly evolving and our surveys, research and submissions reflect the time at which they were undertaken.

With 1.7 million Members, the AA is aware that we will never get 100% of our Members having the same view on any single issue. Transport challenges are complex and policy development is often a case of agreeing trade-offs between different views, different effects and different goals. Overall, the AA's aim is to represent “the voice of the reasonable motorist” on transport issues. 


Safety and mobility

  • Speed
  • Road user behaviour - distracted driving, mobile phones, seatbelts, fatigue, impaired driving
  • Young drivers
  • Cyclists
  • Shared paths
  • Motorcyclists
  • Sharing the road with trucks
  • Road safety infrastructure
  • Passing lanes
  • Vehicle safety
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Fines and other penalties


Transport planning and costs

  • Transport infrastructure planning and investment
  • Public transport investment
  • Road maintenance
  • Parking
  • Insurance
  • Paying for the network (taxes, tolls, etc.)
  • Transport sustainability and emissions
  • Fuel prices

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