Older drivers (Ongoing)

There is evidence that older drivers are more anxious than average and limit their driving journeys as a result. In an aging population, there is value in gaining a better understanding of actual risks and 'myth-busting' situations where older drivers might be limiting themselves unnecessarily.


This research will produce three key outputs:

  1. A 'single source of truth' document based on findings from the Household Travel Survey, the NZ Crash Analysis System, and the NZ Social Survey. This will set out the foundations of our current understanding of older driver behaviour and safety.

  2. Results from a comprehensive survey of older AA drivers, including participants in the AA's Senior Driver Coaching Sessions (run by the AA Driving School). This will further our understanding of how and where older drivers are driving (or not driving) and their attitudes to mobility and safety.

  3. Recommendations, based on the survey results and research, for infrastructure improvements that will increase older driver mobility and safety.

Why is the AA interested?

The safety of older drivers is a growing issue because of our aging population.

The research will result in findings of interest to government agencies, others working in the transport sector, and organisations providing services for older people. It will also offer useful insights for the AA and AA Members.

Research Provider

  • WSP Research

Project Manager

  • Simon Douglas – AA Research Foundation

Page last updated: May 2022

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