Transport Costs Index (Ongoing)

After consultation with government agencies, the AA Research Foundation (AARF) decided that it would be useful to create an index of household transport costs from 2009 to 2018.


The aim is to provide a quarterly view of the effects of price changes on the travelling public. The information will be more comprehensive than data currently available. It is expected to show public responses to fuel cost changes, insurance cost changes, and changes to government fees and charges.

Research Provider

  • The AA has engaged Stats NZ to deliver this project

Project Manager

  • Peter King – AA Motoring Affairs

Research Method

Stats NZ has developed six household transport price indexes at the request of the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA):

  1. General driving costs (North Island)
  2. General driving costs (South Island)
  3. Metro commuter (Auckland and Wellington)
  4. Urban Public transport commuter (Auckland and Wellington)
  5. Non-urban Public transport commuter (Not Auckland and Wellington)
  6. Cycling

The indexes were developed with input from the AA to represent 6 different transport profiles.

Stats NZ has used data from the Household Economic Survey - expenditure (HES), Census (2013), and the Consumers Price Index (CPI) to work out the weights (proportion) and associated transport costs for each index.

A back series has been calculated, going back to the June 2008 quarter. Weights for the back series were derived from a mixture of HES and CPI data.

2020jul new zealand average cost change by transport method

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Research Reports

Household transport cost indexes - methodological document

Transport Costs Report - March 2019


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