My AA Motoring Story

Interested in knowing what it's like to be part of the AA Motoring team? Find out what Cherian, Andy and Balraj have to say about their journeys and what it's like to work for one of New Zealand's most enduring brands. 

Cherian Joseph - Vehicle Inspector

Cherian joined the team in 2015 having previously worked in Australia and India. 

Andy Rapsey - AA Auto Centre Christchurch Airport Manager 

Andy joined the team as a vehicle inspector before being promoted to the position of manager at AA Auto Centre Christchurch Airport. 

Balraj Dhul - Vehicle Testing Officer

Balraj was preparing to leave New Zealand when he was offered a role as a Vehicle Testing Officer with AA Motoring. With support from the NZAA's HR team, Balraj and his family made their move to New Zealand a permanent one.